“What comes with the joy of performing all over the world is the ability to create and recreate highly personal and unique performances over and over again. They touch the soul with the spirit of a gypsy dancer, with the fire of the raging bull… ”

– Vincenzo Martinelli

The Vincenzo Story

Vincenzo’s love of music began as a young boy and has grown into an international journey, entertaining music lovers throughout the world.

Born in Australia of Italian parents, Guitarist Vincenzo Martinelli was introduced to the magical world of music through the influence of his father, a mandolin player from the region of Abbruzzo in central Italy.

Vincenzo began his early musical training on acoustic and electric guitars, studying with a friend of his grandfather. He earned many honors as he studied in Australia, then was awarded an Italian Government scholarship. This led to a period of instruction under the celebrated Maestro Lucio Dosso at the Centro Romano Della Gitarra in Rome, a school established by the legendary Andrés Segovia.

Upon his return to Australia, Vincenzo was invited to premiere a new work by composer Phillip Houghton at the International Guitar Festival held in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. Present at the festival was world-renowned virtuoso guitarist John Williams. So impressed was Williams on hearing this performance that he requested permission from the composer to record it himself.

Vincenzo has performed with national and international acts and as the special guest of Welsh singing sensation Dame Shirley Bassey. Besides a busy touring and recording schedule, Vincenzo is highly sought after as a Headline Act in the Luxury Cruise Line industry and regularly performs on the world’s finest ships.

In recent years, Vincenzo has continued his study of guitar through the introduction of Spanish Flamenco and Nouveau Flamenco music. He has studied and performed with world-acclaimed Flamenco guitarist Robbie Varga and the Flamenco Dance Group “Luna Nueva.” He holds a Master’s Degree in music.

International performances include concerts in the Middle East (Egypt and Jordan), Europe (Monte Carlo, Rome, and London), and of course the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Vincenzo was an invited guest for the launch of NCL Cruise Line into the Chinese Market in Shanghai and for the Christening of the Regent Explorer (the world’s most luxurious cruise liner) in Monte Carlo, Monaco.He is currently the featured artist at Ritz Carlton, Dallas.

Future plans include a Studio Project to complete an album of “original” material (songs and compositions) and concert tours of Costa Rica, South America, and Europe.


We finally made it home and have been listening to and enjoying your three CDs immensely. It was a pleasure meeting you on the RSSC Mariner earlier this month and having the chance to hear you play in person. Thanks again for signing the CDs! Hopefully our paths will cross again!
Elizabeth Neidhardt
World Class Luxury deserves World Class Entertainer….. exactly what they have provided with Vincenzo. He is amazing…
Niles Andersen
I have been listening to your piece “Soleares” on Spotify and find it to be truly mesmerizing and full of flavor.
Joseph Naor
Thank you for adding such wonderful memories to our cruise, and definitely hope our paths will meet again. So enjoyed your beautiful music and great conversations.
Niles & Vickie
Bravo Vincenzo! My car is filled with your guitar’s delicate tunes…and your performance is being played over & over in my home theater. Wow, bravo, bravo again Vinny.
Paul Kyun
I want to again thank you…..for sharing your time and your talent with us. Please know the anniversary recognition touched our hearts. You my friend are a special person. Hope our paths cross again soon.
Niles Andersen
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful music you played during our rehearsal dinner. You were such a special part of the whole evening. I hope we have another opportunity to enjoy your music. Best wishes!
Suzie and Stacy Standridge
I hope we meet again! We both loved your performance and are sad we are missing a second treat. Safe travels and good wishes to you.
Lois Burwell – Academy Award Oscar for Best Makeup Design “Braveheart”
We’ve seen Vincenzo’s shows on a few cruises and it’s always a magical experience. He is extremely proficient on the guitar but he is also a great showman – all the pieces he plays are accompanied by an exquisitely-synced display of wonderful photos he’s taken throughout the world as well as brightly-colored impressionistic paintings of beaches, dancers, and other deliberately coordinated displays. His performance is not only wonderful to listen to but is a visual masterpiece.
Leona & Michael Salazar (Seattle)
Vincenzo, we have been listening to and enjoying your three CDs immensely. It was a pleasure meeting you on the RSSC Mariner earlier this month and having the chance to hear you play in person. Thanks again for signing the CDs! Hopefully our paths will cross again!…
Elizabeth Neidhart
…I’m listening to this music… after which….I can die in ecstasy….
Pino Ciarello
Met Vincenzo in Greece a couple of years ago during our cruise.  His live performance is something one does not want to miss. I bought all of his albums, listen to them regularly.
Richard Kaffka
Vincenzo, LOVED your performances while onboard the Regatta July/Aug. You are a true talent…your music, beautiful!
It just gets better my friend …and the beautiful thing is you have so much in front of you!…
Andrew Robertson
I am not usually into classical guitar music but this man is so wonderful he won me over to latin/flamenco style music
Cruise Critic
We all had a great evening, your music is wonderful. I play your CD often, your music is so addictive you never tire of it. Everyone is looking forward to hearing you again…
I have been looking at your videos on youtube and I’m blown away with what you are doing!
I have ALWAYS loved the love that comes from the strings of the guitar in the hands of a master! Thank you for your gift and I thank my friend for opening the door to your wonderful world.
Maggie McKinney
It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your fantastic guitar! Thank you for the signed CD which we can’t wait to play for our music loving friends in LA. Your performances were truly a highlight of our trip!
Doug & Marie Peters
Mr. Martinelli’s incredible and unique performances touched the heart of everyone at Long Beach and we were very fortunate and amazed to have someone like him playing for us.
Nicolas B. de Chalain (General Manager, Long Beach Resort, Mauritius)
All of us feel that you are a big part of our company and our success.
Frank Del Rio (Chairman & CEO, Prestige Cruise Holdings)
We had the pleasure of meeting Vincenzo on a cruise sailing out of Monte Carlo. I remember being on the verandah and hearing the music of an angel playing through the air! That moment is forever frozen in time in my mind! Vinny, your music completed the trip for me! Thank you!
Effie Patrianakos
We so enjoyed meeting you. Sent a note to Oceania Corporate headquarters saying you were the VERY BEST entertainment on our cruise. We are waiting for people to get back for the Fall so we can talk about your talent.
Jo Ann