” …. we remember you and your wonderful music…. Actually my wife bought your CD “Che Sara” on Amazon as my Christmas present and it is playing every day. We would be very grateful to receive more of your CDs….”

“I will never forget the compassion you had towards me. Your music and human heart touched me at the most deep in my heart. You gave me the biggest emotion one can get, for you managed through your music to make me meet my son Michel in the outmost connection, seeing him in front of me as if he was alive.”

“How can I thank you for this moment? Your talent and human touch made me live moments that are very close to my heart. Thank you for making me live this precious moment. I will never forget it….”

…”All us feel that you are a big part of our company and our success.”
– Frank Del Rio (Chairman & CEO, Prestige Cruise Holdings)

“As usual, Vincenzo was worth his weight in gold…”

…”one of the greatest guitarist of our time”…

…”Vincenzo is on fire”…

…”this man is a rare find”…

“Vincenzo, LOVED your performances while onboard the Regatta July/Aug. You are a true talent…your music, beautiful!” – Pamela

“Mr. Vincenzo Martinelli, famous Newcastle guitarist, stayed with us at Long Beach where he shared his classical guitar music talents to our guests at our restaurants ‘Tides’ and ‘Sapori’. His elegant music is extremely entertaining and his delivering of musical performances is highly professional. Our guests were overwhelmed by his performances, from Latin to Flamenco music styles and were very happy to have benefited from these shows. Mr. Martinelli’s incredible and unique performances touched the heart of everyone at Long Beach and we were very fortunate and amazed to have someone like him playing for us. We wish him all the best in his endeavours” – Nicolas B. de Chalain (General Manager, Long Beach Resort, Mauritius)

“It was almost as if the chill out atmosphere at out Tides restaurant and bar were made especially for someone with your Latin guitar talents, and the evenings that you graced there with you presence and magical performance remained the talk of the guests who were privileged to hear your perform during their stay. Likewise Citronella’s Café, with its Mediterranean beach front aspect, was another perfect venue to enjoy and evening meal to the sounds of your strings. It was a pleasure to get to know you personally and to welcome you to the resort and hope that this will be the first of many future visits. Good luck on your future travels” – Andrew K Slome (General Manager, Sugar Beach Resort , Mauritius)

“Can’t wait to here your new album!!” – Kate

“Put me down as the first to get your albums when they are released” – Carolyn

“I met Vincenzo he is very sensitive and a real artist and musician we hope we can enjoy your music another time” – Samer

“Mr. Martinelli: The 2 cds arrived in wonderful condition and thanks for sending them! I thoroughly enjoyed your concerts on Crystal Symphony…powerful music and thoughtful touching comments” – Nancy

“We are enjoying your wonderful music on our iPods, in the car and on the computer as it has become very special to us… You are a fantastic performer, a very kind person (and) a thoughtful soul” – Suzanne Golicher

“Beautiful music…I loved the whole album…a gem to enjoy…this guy can play, so much feel, so much emotion..thank you” – Armadore

“Bellissimo!…An absolute must in everyone’s album collection…one of my favourite guitarists in the world. Your music is a blessing to us all” – Ravmyster

“This music took me to another place…truly beautifully played…a rare talent” – Oscar the Bull

“This is an example of Classical/Spanish guitar at its best. Beautiful, sexy, Spanish guitar tunes are balanced by lovely Latin American songs and some sweet ballads. Vincenzo is a brilliant talent. Add this whole CD to your collection if you are a lover of great guitar” – Jane

“One of the most enjoyable and sensational concerts I have ever been to, everything went in harmony with your heavenly performance! So honored to meet you and look forward to having you here again” – Ghiya

“Enjoyed your music so much on the Crystal Symphony. I only wish that I could have seen both performances. Perhaps I will see you on another cruise! ” – Diana

“It doesn’t get any better than this…” – Eaglereach Resort

“Everybody hoped he could have played longer” – Rotary International

“Extremely Entertaining and professional.” – Minerals Council of Australia

“Showed an elegance that befitted the music” – Radio 2NUR FM

“Really set the tone for what was a very special event” – Dr David Darnell

“Do get in to see Vincenzo; he is terrific and a genuinely nice fellow as well.” – CRUISE CRITIC

“I am not usually into classical guitar music but this man is so wonderful he won me over to latin/flamenco style music -so much so I have bought both of his cd’s and am waiting to get his biographical dvd here soon.” – CRUISE CRITIC

“I was originally closed minded about seeing [a] classical guitarist but [I saw] the last part of Mr Martinelli’s performance. …I am soooooooooooooooooooo glad I got to listen to part of that show and another encore performance a couple of nights later…” – CRUISE CRITIC

“By the way, Vincenzo’s first performance which I think was his first on a ship was unforgettable in another way. It was given when we were between the Cyclones and the stage was pitching quite violently, but Vincenzo handled the situation like a true veteran.” – CRUISE CRITIC

“Thank you Vincenzo for sharing your talent and for enriching us with your music. Your performances are truly inspired. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you perform in Jordan!” – Nadia

“We all had a great evening, your music is wonderful. I play your CD often, your music is so addictive you never tire of it. Everyone is looking forward to hearing you again…” – Sylvia

“Mesmerising ,unique , beautiful, touches one’s heart and soul…I could go on…Mr. Martinelli is incredibly and uniquely gifted/talented and plays from his heart and soul. If you are fortunate enough to hear him play you will be amazed!” – Carolyn