Mersedes is a thrilling, energetic and relentless Spanish guitar song that is perfect for dancing the Samba! I perform this song often in my live shows, and it is the final track on my second album entitled Che Sara. Released in 2007, this song, and in fact this album as a whole marked a major transition for me as an artist from the classical and jazz music I had favored, toward the exciting and challenging Spanish and Latin guitar style. The album is full of popular and more classical Spanish guitar songs including Mersedes, which is a great example of Latin American dance music and which adds exciting, rhythmic, bravura style to the album.

Mersedes-Spanish Guitar Samba-Vincenzo Martinelli

Mersedes! A great Latin American dance song!

I first heard Mersedes during a break in a recording session for this second album, and found its fast-paced, rolling melody line, its Latin groove, and its fantastic samba style very appealing.  The song is a dynamic Latin American dance song with strong, measured rhythms and a relentless beat, great for fitness playlists and dance clubs alike! Its Latin groove is strong and exciting, and its rolling melody line appealing. The song makes most people want to just move! Peforming Mercedes makes me feel really good, and I enjoy it very much, as is evident in the video of this live performance from 2015! When Mersedes is performed live, images in the background reflect beautiful Spanish dancers and fiestas. The song is easily danced to, and audiences respond really well to hearing and watching it performed.

Spanish guitar techniques are challenging to master

As a classically trained musician and artist, I had focused on performing, refining my electric and acoustic skills and sound, and producing my first album of classics, originals and popular songs in 2002. As my musical interests and passions evolved and this transition began in the years that followed,  many hours were spent listening, learning and practicing Latin and Spanish music, focusing on the new and interesting guitar techniques required to play Flamenco guitar form.

In addition to the techniques common to the classical guitar, traditionally, the Spanish or flamenco guitar is uniquely characterized by various techniques that are not used in other guitar music, particularly for the right hand. Mastering particular finger-style and the plectrum, (a guitar pick), new techniques, and getting the extra speed required for the very fast runs that are common, was rewarding. Learning the techniques, such as Golpes, or percussive fingers, Rasgueado, or strumming, and Picados for strong articulation was a satisfying challenge for me, and one I eagerly pursued and continue to practice today.

The album Che Sara paved a new pathway for me as a musician

The songs I selected for recording on Che Sara including Mersedes, paved a new pathway forward, a new direction for me, and one I have been following and developing ever since. I still feel the passion and energy in this music, and love performing! Mersedes is quite well suited to the Spanish and Latin style, and I enjoyed recording it in the studio of my friend and producer, John Roy. We arranged this song with sort of a big-band sound background to compliment its inherent bravura style and fast pace. In the studio I had the backing of great musicians with me, including percussion and bass guitar, as well as a three-piece brass combo with trumpet, sax and trombone! Quite a production, and very satisfying.

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Mersedes – Spanish Guitar Samba – Vincenzo Martinelli