Each Time I Walk Away stands alone as the one song on my albums to date in which I am singing! I wrote and recorded this song in 2012 under a tight deadline to complete all of the material for my El Toro album before leaving on an international tour.  I needed two more songs in very short order to complete the album; one is Entre’Acte, a contemporary French guitar-flute duet which I had already recorded. The second I had to create!

Encouragement to Sing

John Roy, my friend and producer, encouraged me to include a composition of my own with vocals, as he knew I had been singing in a variety of bands in the past. We both believed a unique track like this would add interest and a new dimension to my recordings.  After one of the last El Toro recording sessions, I was inspired to compose this particular song, and the pressure and short time I had was quite effective in motivating me to finish in just two days! It was recorded in one take the day before I was to leave, and I think the pressure very much improved the outcome! I hope you agree!

It is only in recent years through the combination of touring, recording and introspection that I have come to compose more of my own music. I must say I feel gratified by both the feeling of accomplishment and ownership that comes along with creating my own songs, as well as the positive feedback I get from friends and listeners. Perhaps this is a trend which I will continue to follow!

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The lyrics of Each Time I Walk Away are based on a personal story where I put words to a life experience. It is a journey into the often volatile world of relationships, a changeable world full of ups and downs, which had unsettled me at the time. In this I share a more vulnerable side of myself with my audience, and the experience of writing this song was cathartic in handling a personal experience through music in this way.  I know this song’s lyrics resonate with many people who can identify with the sentiments I express.

The song itself was something I had carried along inside of me for a while. The song had evolved from a kind of musical idea I developed some time before while on the banks of the Manning River north of Sydney near Taree in Australia. I never let go of the musical idea, and it was one I very much enjoyed working with to compose Each Time I Walk Away. I like the sense of mystery this song presents. The essence of the song, the opening motif is what worked for me and helped carry the song on its musical journey to the end.

I am happy with the song, with its “existential human” theme, and believe it is quite strong musically. Since I do not perform this live, listeners are free to interpret their own meaning from the song without the explanation and distraction of a live performance. Its placement on the El Toro album has generated a lot of interest which in turn has encouraged people to seek out my other recordings! I may yet explore this medium further in time.

Each Time I Walk Away-Vincenzo Martinelli-Spanish Guitar

I hope you enjoy listening to my heartfelt rendition of Each Time I Walk Away which you can purchase directly on my website. I really hope you enjoy this exciting piece of music and other tracks on the El Toro album.

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