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The Collection

If you know you already love the incredible music of Vincenzo, then you can access all three of his beautiful albums right here with the click of one button.


“The Collection” is a 3 album set consisting of “El Toro”, “Che Sara” and “Vincenzo Martinelli” (self titled album)


All albums recorded and mixed @ John Roy’s Recording Studio
Che Sara and El Toro Mastered by Rick O’Neill @ Turtlerock Mastering (Sydney)
Associate producer: Vincenzo Martinelli

Vincenzo would like to thank the following friends and musicians for their invaluable contribution to the making of El Toro: John Roy (producer/progammer/arrangements & keyboards), Rita ‘Choochie’Azzopardi (vocals/tenor sax & arrangements on Tico Tico & Malaguena), Sean Steele (percussion), Eric Fortaleza (bass) and Sally Stocks (flute)

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