Che Sara is an Italian song written by Jimmy Fontana and Franco Migliacci for the 1971 San Remo Music Festival. The famous Puerto Rican guitarist, Jose Feliciano, actually sang it at this festival. Many artists have sung this song, but Feliciano’s rendition is probably the most famous, and it was a big hit for him. The lyrics of this song describe the singer’s sadness at having to leave his native village. In this case the inspiration was Cortona, a small town in Tuscany. The song is often regarded as a migration hymn. I chose to record and perform this song because of its feeling of nostalgia. Not only does it has a hauntingly beautiful melody, but it really pulls on the heart-strings for the message that it gives.

Italian music festival introduction

I first heard Che Sara at an Italian music festival when I was a small boy and I have loved it ever since. It made me feel like I was missing something, it made me feel hopeful, and made me feel warm inside. When I recorded it, it made me feel the same way because it is so full of emotion and so full of feeling. An evocatively simple melody, it is just full of passion and emotion. The audiences respond to this song in a similar way because it says something to each and every one of us. If it doesn’t touch us immediately, it often says something to someone in our family, or someone in our immediate past.

Played with intense emotion adding a feeling of having arrived!

I play the Che Sara in the style of the mandolin on my guitar, which captures the essence of village Italy, and it speaks of times gone by, the good old days when life was simple. The structure of this song is pretty much an AB format, with two strong motifs. I haven’t arranged this song much differently from the way it was composed and performed originally, because I can feel and project such strong emotion in performing it in this form! My arrangement moves forward in intensity through the layers I’ve added to the music, including taking the song up 2 keys as well, one for each new verse. By taking these two themes up a turn on two separate occasions, I carry the song to a crescendo if you like all the way to the end. I add texture through the introduction of choir voices and string arrangements, and play with an intensity that reflects the nostalgic sentiment of the song. This all adds towards a feeling of “release ” at the very end, a feeling of having arrived again at a new beginning!

The song remains a big hit around the world

Che Sara was recorded and produced once again at the studio of my friend and mentor in the recording world, John Roy, in John’s studio in Man Ray Park in New South Wales, Australia. The techniques used to record this song were pretty much standard studio recording techniques, and used the piano, as well as the sounds of choirs and string arrangements. The song remains a very big hit in the Latino world, in Spain, and Italy in particular where it is still sung and performed to this day.

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Che Sara is a very big part of my set and is also the title track of my second album of the same name. I certainly hope you take pleasure in this song as much as I do! You can enjoy hearing it on my website, and also on my YouTube Channel.

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I’d like to invite you to watch all my video clips on my YouTube Channel Vincenzo Martinelli Guitarist. Che Sara is available for purchase on my album entitled Che Sara.

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Che Sara