Three great dance songs on Che Sara album!

Back to Paradise is a thrilling Spanish song and is the first track on my second album, Che Sara. Back to Paradise is one of three songs on this album released in 2005, that are fabulous Latin dance songs, with the wonderful rhythms and brass sounds of that genre, the others being Mercedes and El Samba. My first album, Vincenzo Martinelli, is a mix of classical, original, and popular songs, selected to highlight my classical training, interests at the time, and personal favorites. Che Sara on the other hand focuses on the style I was heading into at the time: Spanish, Latin and flamenco guitar! This album marked a transition for me as an artist toward this exciting and challenging guitar style. Ole!

My earliest influence in music was the sound of my father’s mandolin, a style of which you can hear in many of my songs. Jazz, fusion, Spanish and Italian folk, Latin, and flamenco music have also had major effects on me. The “style” I have embraced is also a strong reflection of the sound, characteristics, and guitar techniques of the artists I admire, all leading towards my own unique style!

Back-to-Paradise-Salsa--Armik--Vincenzo-Martinelli-GuitarInspired to make transition to Latin and Spanish Guitar!!

Listening to Latin CDs during some down time in a recording session, the combination of bravura and Latin flavored groove and harmony really attracted me, and I was immediately drawn to this sound and style. I was making a major transition from the classical and jazz world I had favored, to the exciting and challenging world of Latin, Spanish, and flamenco guitar! While all the songs I selected for my Che Sara are from this genre, these three compositions were reflective of the energy I was in at the time. These songs are full of bold and fiery runs played rapidly, and with recognizable Latin rhythms. I developed the ability to recreate that sound and energy by mastering the guitar techniques of finger style and plectrum playing, which were very satisfying to me as a guitarist and produced the power and spirit you hear in these tracks.

Nouveau Flamenco guitar at its best

I was inspired by many artists to make this transition to Latin and Spanish guitar. Three of these include: Al de Meola, the acclaimed American and Latin jazz fusion guitarist, composer and record producer of Italian origin connected to my own music’s Italian roots.  The artistry and technical mastery of Paco de Lucia and the sound of his amazing flamenco guitar really spoke to the passion I personally feel when playing Spanish and flamenco guitar. And important in this list of inspiring musicians is George Benson, with his exciting gypsy-jazz guitar and his use of a rest-stroke picking an other techniques.

Motivated and energized by other musicians!

These individuals and many other musicians, and the passionate and exciting music they produce inspired my transition and mastery of the Spanish, Latin and flamenco guitar, and continue to inform and inspire my work as a performing artist and composer to this day.

Back to Paradise was recorded in the studio of my producer and friend, John Roy, in Newcastle, Australia. I used close and distant microphone placement to capture the bold sounds in this song. I use brass and several types of percussion instrumentation to accompany the guitars I play, to create the big rhythms and bravura sounds of this song! Audiences respond well to this song, which I often perform live when on tour, wanting to dance the salsa or mumbo to its appealing beat!

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Back to Paradise – Flamenco Guitar – Vincenzo Martinelli Guitar